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Wrestling in the Mud

‘Wrestling in the Mud’ He began crying without notice, it took me by surprise. We were in our late teens and just finished cricket practice. Following our usual routine, we stuck around for an extra ½ hour, just the two of us, as best mates do. As soon as we finished he broke down. I […]

Advanced Return to Work Training

A Humanising Approach Key Questions: Are you frustrated by the workers comp. system and looking for innovative ways to naviate through it? Are you interested in learning about how we can better support people with injuries? Do you want to learn more about people and how we make decisions? If you answered yes to any […]

Introductory Workshops – Social Sensemaking

Intro. Workshops – Social Sensemaking in Melbourne 27 & 28 Feb. Author of Social Sensemaking Rob Sams, along with good friend and Chapter Contributor Hayden Collins, will be hosting two Introductory Workshops to Social Sensemaking in Melbourne on: Monday afternoon (3-5pm) on 27th Feb. and; Tuesday morning (7-9am) on 28th Feb. The sessions will run for two […]

A Small Change and ‘Y’ it Matters?

A Small Change and ‘Y’ it Matters? Perhaps one of my most important discoveries during the ‘learning adventure’ of the past few years, is of how much I don’t know. This is despite participating in formal studies, working full-time in the field I studied, sharing in relationships with people, being a Father of a (now) teenager and writing a […]

Social Sensemaking – Book Launch Dates & Venues Confirmed

Social Sensemaking – Book Launch Dates & Venues Confirmed Human beings have long been fascinated with the question of ‘why we do what we do?’. For some, the desire to understand this becomes a lifelong quest. For me, it was a fascination with this question that lead me to commence a ‘learning adventure’ to better […]

Disrupting the Methodology of Safety

Disrupting the Methodology of Safety There seems a real focus at the moment on finding better and ‘different’ ways (or methods) to ‘do’ Safety; both in organisations and for those working in the field. There is a lot of good discussion happening and in particular, it is positive to note that much more attention seems to […]

Does our World Need More ‘Lore’ and Less ‘Law’?

Does our World Need More ‘Lore’ and Less ‘Law’? I was at a function recently where the customary ‘Welcome to Country’ (see a link HERE if you are not familiar with this custom) was conducted by a local and charismatic Aboriginal Elder ‘Uncle’ Bill Smith. This ‘Welcome’ was being conducted at a function to mark […]

100 Books Sold in Week One

New Book – Social Sensemaking   This book, and the idea itself of Social Sensemaking©, was born from a search for a more humanistic approach and methodology to supporting people to deal with risk. That is because in order to make sense of risk, we need to commune and converse with others; it is a social […]

Dolphyn Newsletter – July 2016

Dolphyn’s latest Newsletter is out with updates on: Our First Book called Social Sensemaking : a reflective journal, how we make sense of risk.  The launch of Dr Robert Long’s latest book – Risk Conversations : The Law, Social Psychology and Risk An update on Dolphyn’s revised Due Diligence program Information about the upcoming SEEK Program in Melbourne […]

The Power in Silence

The Power in Silence Effective communication, conversation and consultation are vital in our support of others to learn about, and discern risk. So vital in fact, that if I were asked; “what is the one of the most helpful things that we could do to better support others in dealing with risk? I would certainly […]