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Dolphyn Newsletter # 5

 Dolphyn Newsetter #5   “Being present to people requires a degree of fragility. To keep control or to impose an agenda only ensures we are about to have a meeting in which no real meeting is likely to take place”   Graham Long (2013, p.74 and p.75) These are the words of The Reverend Graham Long, […]

What Can ‘Safety’ Learn From a Rock…..

What Can ‘Safety’ Learn From a Rock….. I live in Australia, a country inhabited by people from many cultures, a country with a strong indigenous history and a country with a geography that is well summed up by poet Dorothea Mackellar in her poem My Country; “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping […]

Developing our Inner Introversion

Developing Our Inner Introversion …..the art of questioning becomes more difficult as status increases. Our culture emphasizes that leaders must be wiser, set direction and articulate values, all of which predisposes them to tell rather than ask”. Edgar Schein in Humble Inquiry (2013, p.5) I attended a ‘thinking group’ meeting last week with a new […]

How I Feel About Risk

How I Feel About Risk “The earliest studies of risk perception also found that, where as risk and benefit tend to be positively correlated in the world, they are negatively correlated in people’s minds.” “If their feelings toward an activity are favorable, they are moved toward judging the risks as low and the benefits as […]

Learning from people who we don’t agree with

Learning from people who we don’t agree with I recently read this article, shared with me by a friend, and written by Mark Brandi a former ministerial adviser in the Bracks Labor government in Victoria, Australia. The article got me thinking of the many conversations I have had with good friend James Ellis over recent […]

Reflections of a ‘Doer’

Does learning more about ourselves help us to better understand and influence others? I’ve learnt that if we are going to change the way things are done in risk and safety that the focus needs to be more on ‘influencing’ than ‘controlling’. In this piece, I’d like to explore the concept of learning more about ‘self’ in […]

Newsletter # 3 – March 2015

Dolphyn Newsletter #3 “When Thou is spoken, the speaker has no thing for his object. For where there is a thing there is another thing. Every It is bounded by others; It exists only through being bounded by others. But when the Thou is spoken, there is no thing. Thou has no bounds.” Buber (1958, […]

Newsletter # 2 – January 2015

Newsletter # 2 Welcome to Dolphyn’s First Newsletter for 2015. 2014 was a great year with our brand ‘refresh’ including changing our name to Dolphyn, a new logo and the launch of our updated website. We are proud of what we achieved in 2014 and are looking forward to continuing our great relationships in 2015.In this edition […]