The Pathway of Loneliness

It must be one of the great absurdities of our modern world; that in a time where our ability to ‘connect’ is so abundant, that we are perhaps lonelier, more isolated and insecure than ever. It’s a puzzling irony that while we can ‘connect’ to so many people, in so many ways, that this ‘connection’ […]

Chapter 21 – Are You Creating an ‘Obeyience Culture’

*A Free Chapter from Social Sensemaking by: Robert Sams and Max Geyer “Culture as a collective programming of the mind thus plays an obvious role in motivation. Culture influences not only our behaviours, but also the explanations we give for our behaviours.” Geert Hofstede in: Culture and Organisations; Software of the Mind (2010, p. 327) […]

Wrestling in the Mud

‘Wrestling in the Mud’ He began crying without notice, it took me by surprise. We were in our late teens and just finished cricket practice. Following our usual routine, we stuck around for an extra ½ hour, just the two of us, as best mates do. As soon as we finished he broke down. I […]

Advanced Return to Work Training

A Humanising Approach Key Questions: Are you frustrated by the workers comp. system and looking for innovative ways to naviate through it? Are you interested in learning about how we can better support people with injuries? Do you want to learn more about people and how we make decisions? If you answered yes to any […]

Introductory Workshops – Social Sensemaking

Intro. Workshops – Social Sensemaking in Melbourne 27 & 28 Feb. Author of Social Sensemaking Rob Sams, along with good friend and Chapter Contributor Hayden Collins, will be hosting two Introductory Workshops to Social Sensemaking in Melbourne on: Monday afternoon (3-5pm) on 27th Feb. and; Tuesday morning (7-9am) on 28th Feb. The sessions will run for two […]

A Small Change and ‘Y’ it Matters?

A Small Change and ‘Y’ it Matters? Perhaps one of my most important discoveries during the ‘learning adventure’ of the past few years, is of how much I don’t know. This is despite participating in formal studies, working full-time in the field I studied, sharing in relationships with people, being a Father of a (now) teenager and writing a […]