Creating ‘Followers’ in Risk and Safety

Dolphyn offer a number of Risk and Safety Programs to support you and your team to create ‘Followers’ in your organisational values and beliefs.

For many of our programs, we are privileged  to be able to utilise tools and materials developed by Dr Robert Long from Human Dymensions.

This means that the programs have the full academic backing and credibility of Australia’s leading expert and author in Social Psychology of Risk, and delivered by our team of hands on and practical Consultants at Dolphyn.

Our Risk and Safety Programs for Leaders

The Dolphyn community of practice can support you and your team with a range of risk and safety leadership programs including:

  • Keynote Presentations – we have a series of presentations that range from one to four hours. Some of the topics we can present include One Brain Three Minds©; Risk i-Cues© and Perception, What is Excess Regulation Doing to Us All? and Your Talk Matters©. These can be presented at organisational planning days, conferences, team building sessions or tailored to suit other events.
  • Risk and Safety Leadership Masterclass Programs – we have a range of ‘Masterclass’ programs that run from one to three days. While we regularly conduct these sessions as public programs, they can be tailored and run in house for your team. The Masterclass sessions are ideal for organisational risk, safety and related teams who want to learn more about social psychology and risk.
  • Experiential Learning Programs – these programs can be run as either half or full day programs and target a particular area of leadership that you want to focus on (e.g. communicating better as a team or understanding teams and Type). They are designed to support participants to develop their understanding through specially developed learning experiences which are practical and interactive.
  • Understanding Personality Type (Majors PTI / MBTI) and Risk – the team at Dolphyn are all accredited Majors PTI (MBTI) practitioners and we can help you understand how various Personality Types can impact on many areas of leadership including risk, teams and conflict. Building Personality Type into our risk and leadership programs is one of the significant points of difference between Dolpyn and other organisations offering similar services. We understand the importance of different Personality Types impact on risk and leadership and we can help you and your team to understand this also. If your organisation uses other tools to understand different personalities (e.g. DiSC), we are able to assist with this also.
  • Dealing With Conflict – conflict in organisations is expected and can be a healthy part of dealing with risk. After all, we don’t and won’t all think the same, all of the time. Supporting your team to proactively deal with conflict will mean that conflict may be less disruptive and destructive. Dolphyn offers a number of services that can support you and your team to deal with conflict. These range from mediation services through to training for your team to understand how different Personality Types (MBTI) deal with conflict.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs or services, call Rob Sams today on 0424 037 112 or e-mail at

Dolphyn - Rob Sams presenting keynote