Company Overview

Dolphyn specialises in supporting organisations and their leadership to firstly better understand and then where needed, further develop their culture by becoming more savvy about many areas of risk and culture.

We do this by supporting people to better understand how we make decisions and judgments about risk. We use our knowledge of social psychology, risk, leadership-followership, along with our extensive experience working across a range of industries including retail, manufacturing, construction, health, food, transport and automotive.

We have a number of risk and cultural leadership programs and tools that can help your organisation to become more savvy in your discernment of risk through:

  • understanding human decision making
  • developing relevant and effective methods of communication
  • creating a culture that supports learning
  • scaffolding your people as they learn, and navigate their way through change

We don’t offer silver bullets or ‘solutions’ to complex problems, we understand the ‘messiness’ and the ‘grey’ that is living and dealing with risk. We do however make dealing with these challenges more manageable by working with you and your team. Our focus is supporting organisations to become ‘highly reliable’ and being prepared to deal with the ‘unexpected’.

We believe that it is better to understand and engage with risk, rather than focus on risk diversity, perfection and excellence which are often not achievable. At Dolphyn, we keep things real and focus on supporting rather than fixing.

Being a relatively small and adaptable organisation allows Dolphyn to develop real relationships with you and your team. This also means that we can be flexible in how we go about things. We pride ourselves on being collaborative. Working with us is a personal experience and focused on a relationship rather than being transactional.

At Dolphyn, we believe that ‘risk makes sense‘ and it is necessary for people and organisations to learn, mature and grow. We help you understand that ‘it’s asking Y that matters’..

If you’d like to know more about what we do and how we can support your organisation and your team, contact us today

So Why Dolphyn?

Dolphins are great listeners and communicators, they have outstanding vision, are exceptionally intelligent and creative. Dolphins travel in small groups ‘looking out’ for each other.

We believe that these qualities displayed by dolphins are all critical success factors in developing effective risk and safety programs.

But it is the ‘Y’ that makes us different in so many ways. We believe that it’s asking  ‘Y’ That Matters.

Not sure why we use ‘Y’, give us a call and we can start a great conversation.