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A Learning Adventure in Understanding Risk and People

When you open your mind to learning, ‘unlearning’ and to a new and different way of thinking, it can be refreshing, liberating and motivating. In May 2012, I commenced my  learning adventure in understanding risk and people. This is when I started my post-graduate studies in the Social Psychology of Risk under Dr Robert Long […]

Understanding How People Make Decisions and Judgments

Robert Sams presented at the 2015 National Workers Compensation Summit in Melbourne NSW on 25 February. In the midst of presentations that mainly focused on numbers, graphs and data, most of which were about how to ‘control’ workers compensation (including people, organisations and stake holders), Rob’s presentation focused on better understanding people. (you can see the […]

Experiential Learning

There are plenty of options for organisations to consider when it comes to learning and training programs for risk and safety. In fact, just working through the array of programs can be difficult enough, let alone sit through programs that often ‘flood’ participants with information, and focus on competency rather than experience and learning. If […]

Could Understanding Grey be the Silver Bullet?

A key theme of the feedback that I receive from my Blogs is that some of the concepts are difficult to fully comprehend because what I write about is not always black or white (or what we know of as binary thinking). That is, it can be ambiguous, grey and messy. People are often looking […]

Balancing Between Tightly and Loosely Coupled Systems

My last two articles on art and helping, generated feedback and questions that are worthy of further explanation. Amongst the feedback was that I ‘systems bash’ when I write about risk and safety. In this piece I explore different options for how ‘systems’ may be arranged including Karl Wrick’s model of tightly and loosely coupled systems. http://www.safetyrisk.net/balancing-tight-and-loose-coupled-systems/

Out of Your Unconscious Mind

To understand and discern risk, we make decisions and judgments about uncertainty. We are often required to do this without the benefit of unlimited time, or by using rational and logical thinking in our conscious mind. This is because risk is subjective and decisions about risk often need to be made quickly. http://www.safetyrisk.net/out-of-your-unconscious-mind/

Are you Creating an ‘Obeyiance’ Culture?

Some organisations are so fixated on meeting their legal requirements (and the system) that they become blinded to the impact that this has on culture. Companies that focus their attention solely on a system create a culture that demands obedience, in what I refer to as an ‘Obeyience Culture’ – obedience in the name of […]

I was just trying to Help

When we think that ‘helping’ people has to be about taking action, about solving their problems, or about giving answers, we can be seduced into thinking that doing such things may be ‘helpful’ when in fact they may be an impediment. Perhaps sometimes the best help is ‘doing’ less and listening more. http://www.safetyrisk.net/im-was-just-trying-to-help/