Dolphyn Newsletter – Sept. 2018

Important Changes at Dolphyn Welcome to Dolphyn’s latest Newsletter where we share important and exciting news about our future. People who have followed our work closely will know of my personal involvement with Lifeline for many years. I started as a volunteer Director in the Newcastle & Hunter region in November 2012. Dolphyn began in March […]

Models From Social Sensemaking

Social Sensemaking In this piece I introduce you to two of the semiotic models developed in my first book Social Sensemaking. Firstly, The Decision Tree and then The Trade-offs Model. The Decision Tree Why is it challenging to accept that many of our ideas and thoughts originate in our unconscious? What is it that seduces […]

Support and Empowerment in Helping Others

How may our worldview influence our method when it comes to training and also helping others? If we do not acknowledge our own worldview, what impact may this have in how we support others? Also, how can we even begin to ponder what our worldview is, and so consider the above questions, if we don’t […]

I was Offloaded!

Why is it that even with ample information, and despite ‘knowing‘ differently, that sometimes our ‘feeling of risk’ may override, or at least heavily influence, our response to it? Also, how could someone who has studied and reflected on it in a rather intimate way for the last six years, not control or change their […]

Do we Need a Different Way of Being in Safety?

There are many people working in Safety who seek a ‘different’ way of engaging with others, and rightly so. The current policing and patrolling approaches adopted by many, seem to be doing little to support people in how they tackle the challenges of risk. Some even suggest that rather than being a problem, people are […]

The Mystery and Paradox of Being an Individual in a Social World

I had the privilege today to meet up with a friend, one who I’ve known for a while, yet up until today we’d not had the opportunity to meet in person, so we both made the time and effort to catch up. We shared in a wholesome conversation, one where we wrestled with the tension […]