Advanced Return to Work – a humanising approach

Key Questions:

  • Are you frustrated by the workers compensation system and looking for innovative and ‘humanising’ ways to navigate through it?
  • Are you interested in learning about how we can better support people with injuries through what we know about motivation and in particular ‘autonomy support’?
  • Do you want to learn more about factors that impact on decision making by people involved with Return to Work, including people with injuries, doctors, insurers and the many others impacted by injuries?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dolphyn’s Community in Practice may be able to help. How?

We provide a number of new and different ways in which we can support you and your team including our boutique consulting approach where having conversation and meeting people are prioritised over process. James Ellis and Rob Sams are our main consultants that work in this area. We also host a range of Workshops that support learning, an outline of our main two day Workshop is included below.

Workshop Facilitators

This two day Workshop is facilitated by James Ellis and Rob Sams.

James and Rob provide a unique mix of both hands on experience and study in the fields injury management, physiotherapy, social psychology along with health, safety and well-being. The focus of their work is to develop a more humanising approach to Return to Work which seeks to benefit people who are injured at work along with their employer.

A Unique Approach to Injury Management and RTW

We have a unique model of injury management that allows our employer clients to maintain and enhance their relationships with their workers which, in turn, has positive organisational implications. We believe that injury management provides employers with a portal through which they can demonstrate how much they care about their team. We understand that mistakes and injuries are inevitable, because people are fallible, but this same fallibility provides opportunities for learning and enrichment of relationships.

During this Workshop, you will learn more about our approach including:

  • An understanding of human motivation including the importance of ‘truth, value and control’ (Higgins, 2014)
  • The impact that our social environment (including culture) has on RTW
  • A better understanding of decision making including from the perspective of people who are injured, doctors and other people involved in the process

Our approach is to value people and relationships more than process. Our goal is to facilitate recovery and prevention, in the context of learning. In fact, we have learnt that by humanising injury management, we can impact an organisation in a powerful way that can permeate and enhance the culture. We’ll share Case Studies of how we have gone about it.

We know that workers compensation presents many challenges, some predictable and many that are not. We don’t promise predictability but we can help you to enhance your organisation’s resilience with respect to injuries. We believe it is possible to look after your staff before and after an injury in a way that improves morale, gives you back time in your day and also saves you money

Who Would Benefit From Attending?

Anyone who has an interest in or works in the field of injury management and RTW will benefit from this Workshop. Specifically though, this would include:

  • Injury Managers
  • RTW Coordinators
  • HR Managers and Coordinators
  • Case Managers and other working in the insurance industry
  • Injury Treatment Providers and other medical practitioners
  • Rehabilitation Consultants
  • Health and Safety Personnel

What do you Receive?

All participants will receive:

  • Course material including notes and tools to support implementation
  • A copy of Robert Sams’ book Social Sensemaking in which James has written a number of Chapters
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea on both days
  • Access to ongoing learning portals and material

Want to Know More or Book a Workshop?

Just drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch