Dolphyn are proud of who we work with. We are privileged to partner with some great organisations and people. Here is what some people are saying about our work:

Harris Farm Markets

Shona Tarrant HR Director

Rob started working with us at Harris Farm Markets in late 2012, initially as a consultant tasked with helping us to develop a sustainable safety culture. He made an immediate positive influence on the leadership group and quickly became one of the team. He has provided great support for our team from head office to all of our 25+ retail stores, from high level commercial decisions down to pragmatic operational challenges. He has been able to do this by providing programs, training and follow up coaching so we understand, observe and manage risk differently. We now understand that risk and safety are much more than physical hazards and objects.

Rob is also a translator who makes the language often used about risk and safety meaningful for our team and has helped us understand a different approach to safety systems. The key to the successful implementation of these systems has been Rob’s collaborative approach and style. He values people’s input and has a natural way of asking and enquiring that helps people see differently and this has meant that our teams ‘own’ safety at Harris Farm. While Rob has been instrumental in setting the direction, his focus has been on making sure that our team lead the implementation and ‘doing’.

Rob is a delight to work with; he is down to earth, pragmatic and really smart. He takes the time to understand our business so that he can provide programs that are suitable, and not ‘off the shelf’. Most of all Rob is engaging, enthusiastic and a great listener. We are lucky to have Rob as part of our Harris Farm team.

Rob Sams and James Ellis supported the 2014 annual Harris Farm Employee Conference with their “Conversation Corner”. It was a great way to meet people and build relationships which are so important in supporting organisations to lead in risk


General Manager Human Resources (former)

Robert is a practical and results oriented Workplace Health and Safety Consultant.

He has been helping us understand our compliance gap so we can get it closed and keep our employees safe. He hasn’t tried to extend his tenure, he is working hard to make us self reliant.

Robert is practical, keeps things very simple and is very easy to work with. I would recommend Robert very highly. Certainly the best I’ve worked with in this area of HR.


Manager – Roadservice Call Centres

Since I started working with Rob he changed the way I viewed Safety.

Rob has always had a collaborative approach towards all employees and he took the time to discuss our needs within the business unit offering great advice which lead to quality outcomes.

His leadership with our OH&S Committee has provided a great platform for both parties to act consultatively, this got some great results for all concerned and really took it to that next level.

Rob has been a great influence on me and I wish him every success.

The National Roads and Motorists Association logo

James Ellis

Managing Director, Framework Group

Rob Sams from Dolphyn is a critical thinker. He’s energetic, enthusiastic and humble. Above all, he’s a good listener. If you’re looking for someone to provide templates and ‘overnight’ solutions then don’t call Rob, that’s not his style. But if you want to be challenged, if you want to be stimulated and if you’re up for a journey of discovery about yourself and your organisation then Rob is your man.

Rob has genuine interest in people. He’s not judgemental but he is analytical and wants to understand why people do what they do. Rob’s approach will enrich your organisation’s culture


Head of HR ANZ

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert as a top notch HSE Manager who is not only an expert in his field but also a great individual that approaches his job with passion that brings about change in how the organisation views and approaches this very important issue.

Robert has always been very diligent and able to communicate and relate at all levels in the organisation.

Bakkersland Group


I have worked with Rob in the capacity as Country Board Chairman, leading the overall safety strategy as well as President Bakery.

In that time I have experienced Rob as a highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable person who is effective on the shop floor and has learnt to draft successful safety strategies. In co-production with externals he has been instrumental in making a significant impact on the safety performance and more importantly culture of Sara Lee Australia. As a person he is keen to develop continuously and hence is curious for better, improved ways.

Avon Products

HR Director, Australia New Zealand

Robert is a leader in the risk, safety and HR fields, effectively connecting with people at all levels ensuring the best business outcomes. Robert keeps abreast of new trends in legislation and industry to ensure businesses are proactive in their strategy development and implementation across all areas of risk, safety and Worker’s Compensation.

Robert is extremely passionate about this field and this passion and energy shows in everything he does. Robert manages to take all key stakeholders on a journey with him to improve outcomes for people and business. 

Robert possesses high commercial acumen and makes the interaction between the technical fields of risk and safety and business a seamless and agreeable one. I was fortunate to be on the HR management team with Robert at Sara Lee where he took an active interest in all facets of HR and business bringing a wealth of policy and procedural knowledge to the table. 

Since then, I asked Robert for support in the development of our risk and safety programs at Avon. He has been a great mentor for our team assisting us to craft a risk and safety strategy which is aligned to our overall business strategy as well as being a critical coach for our safety team who find Robert engaging and inspiring. 

Robert always contributes 100% and brings a sense of integrity, honesty and humour. I look forward to working with Robert again in the future and can highly recommend his business Dolphyn for any organisation that wants to improve their Safety performance and culture.