Understanding How People Make Decisions and Judgments

Robert Sams presented at the 2015 National Workers Compensation Summit in Melbourne NSW on 25 February.

In the midst of presentations that mainly focused on numbers, graphs and data, most of which were about how to ‘control’ workers compensation (including people, organisations and stake holders), Rob’s presentation focused on better understanding people. (you can see the other presentations here – http://www.slideshare.net/informaoz/tag/NWC15)

The key question Rob asked was ‘How can we influence, if we don’t understand how people make decisions and judgments?

Rob’s One Brain, Three Minds presentation (see www.humandymensions.com) supports people and organisations to better understand decision making when it comes to risk. The importance of understanding the difference between conscious and non-conscious ‘thinking’, and importantly understanding how we communicate with the non-conscious mind, is critical in dealing with risk.

In an industry where many are focused on control, where discussion about ‘safety culture’ is about numbers, and that is addicted to binary thinking, the approach we take at Dolphyn is very different.

If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re interested in hearing any of the team at Dolphyn presenting One Brain, Three Minds, you can get in touch at contact@dolphyn.com.au or call Rob on 0424 037 112

PS: Apologies that the videos don’t play in the presentation, damn PowerPoint! I’m on Mac and I ain’t going back 🙂