What is this program about?

This is our latest interactive 1/2 day Workshop, co-presented by Gab Carlton from Resilyence and Rob Sams. During the Workshop we provide participants with an introduction to the key principles of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), a program that is also facilitated by Lifeline Hunter Central Coast.

What will you learn about?

MHFA teaches adults how to assist other adults who are experiencing a challenges with their mental health. The program has been well evaluated and found to be effective in improving mental health literacy, reducing stigma and increasing helping behaviours.

During the Workshop we will provide a number of practical tools that will help you and your team better understand:

  • The difference between mental health and mental illness (and why it matters)
  • Decision making, including Rob Sams’ Decision Tree’ model
  • Resilience, including Gab Carlton’s unique ‘Resilyence’ model
  • Grief – what is it? how to deal with it? why do we need to better understand it?
  • Why tackle and not fix mental health in the workplace?

What do the facilitators bring to the table?

Rob is the former Board Chair at Lifeline Hunter Central Coast and is currently their Regional Manager. He is a passionate mental health advocate and has specialist knowledge of social psychology and counselling. Gab is a qualified MHFA Facilitator and has many years experience in organisational and personal coaching. Using this combination of skills, leadership experience and expertise allows Gab and Rob to guide other leaders in understanding how to best support people, and organisations, in tackling mental health at work.

What will you receive?

Aside from an interactive and experiential learning experience, all participants will receive:

  • A copy of Rob Sams’ first book Social Sensemaking
  • A copy of Edgar Schein’s excellent book Humble Inquiry
  • A copy of the Resilyence Model and tool

Why might you want to come along?

This Workshop is for participants who are looking to explore the experiences and challenges that they have, or may face in relation mental health at work. By the end of this short Workshop, participants will be better equipped to deal with them. Gab and Rob will guide a conversation in an environment where people feel safe to speak about and share their experiences.

Would you like robert@dolphyn.com.auto book a Workshop or learn more?

That’s great, just drop us a line at contact@dolphyn.com.au  or call Rob on 0424 037 112 (+612 for Australia).