Following-Leading at Work

Improving Conversations, Communication and Culture

Dolphyn has a number of Programs to support you and your team to learn more about how people make decisions and judgments. This in turn means that your team will be better able to discern risk. Our aim is to support Leaders to create ‘Followers’ in Risk and Safety, rather than an approached focused on control and conformance.

We understand that there are many different ways that people learn, and not all of support will be in a formal training environment. This is why we also offer coaching both in 1:1 and small group forums.

Our Coaching programs are designed to be flexible so to fit in with your organisational and personal needs. We can assist you with both learning and un-learning, as well as support the generation of new ideas.

We believe that coaching is personal which means that building and maintaining a relationship with you and your team is a priority for all of us at Dolphyn. Listening and asking questions which support critical thinking is our approach to coaching.

We have formal qualifications and significant experience coaching people at all levels in organisations.