About Our Community ‘in’ Practice

Communities in Practice are groups of people practicing a particular activity together and who recognise this as an important way to learn and develop. For this reason, Dolphyn adopt a ‘community in practice‘ model of working and learning (i.e. practicing) with others.

We are a small and adaptable team who work both together, and/or on our own, in a range of different ways that suit the people and organisations that we work with.

All of our team have:

  • Post-Graduate qualifications in the Social Psychology of Risk
  • Practical experience working in the field of risk, human resources, mental health, safety and injury management
  • Over 20 years experience working in a range of roles across different industries, including both consulting and in-house operational leadership roles
  • A passion for working with, and understanding people and why we do what we do
  • A curious and creative nature and enjoy working with people
  • A desire for engaging in conversation and learning with others