Jerry Won the Safety Award (but he Didn’t do Anything)

I was at a family gathering recently and got talking to Jerry who I hadn’t spoken with for a while. We chatted about our work and he asked whether I was still in ‘safety’. I said no, that’s not what I do anymore: (I’m Not that into Safety Anymore) my work focuses on people and how we deal with risk.

Jerry was a bit surprised, he’d known me to be in ‘safety’ all of my working life, and you could tell that he lightened up when he knew that I no longer worked in ‘safety’. He said the safety bloke at his work is only interested when things go wrong, “I thought that’s what you did, that’s ‘safety’ isn’t it?” You could tell that we haven’t spoken for a while!

But this story is not about safety people, it just always amazes me how people respond when the word ‘safety’ is mentioned, and the ideas that it conjures up for people. Anyhow, back to Jerry. This is about Jerry’s wonderful achievements……

Who Decides What is Ugly?

A visit to our local Art Gallery last week with some good friends taught me a lot about risk and safety. You might be surprised what you see when you open your eyes to a new way of looking and observing. Art can teach us so much