Dolphyn Newsletter # 5

 Dolphyn Newsetter #5


“Being present to people requires a degree of fragility. To keep control or to impose an agenda only ensures we are about to have a meeting in which no real meeting is likely to take place”


Graham Long (2013, p.74 and p.75)

These are the words of The Reverend Graham Long, Pastor and CEO of The Wayside Chapel. Graham’s words are prophetic and special and The Wayside’s approach of ‘meeting’ people rather than ‘fixing’ them is foundational to their success.

Graham and the team at The Wayside preach ‘Love Over Hate’ and their mission is to “create a community with no us and them”. I think there is a lot that risk and safety could learn from the team at The Wayside.

In this edition of Dolphyn’s Newsletter, we explore what it means to better understand and ‘meet’ people and how this might help create “a community with no us and them” to better support others deal with, and understand risk.



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