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Dolphyn Newsletter – January 2018

Welcome to a New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

2017 certainly brought with it the usual mix of ups and downs. The highs of time spent with friends in Austria and Chicago were contrasted with the sad passing of our great mate Max Geyer. Life is like that. Just when we think things are going to plan, the mystery that is ‘living‘, reminds us time and again that, despite our desire to plan, and in the face of the seduction of fallibility, life doesn’t always follow the safe and linear path that we often expect.

As we head into a new year, we often have dreams and plans for a better way of living. If this is our aim as we begin 2018, we may be wise to consider the words of Martin Buber who, in his book i-Thou, reminds us that “All real living is meeting” (1958, p.26). ‘Meeting‘ is when we truly just ‘be‘ with others and it recognises the very social nature of our living. Too easily though, our dreams can become focused only on our own needs, and ‘me’ can so simplistically, and often unknowingly, trump ‘we‘. It can be a challenge to live through our life as an individual, in what is a very social world. If this theme interests you, the Dolphyn Newsletter is probably for you.

Welcome to our New Followers

In early January, we ran a short promotion where we offered new Subscribers to our Newsletter an electronic copy of Social Sensemaking. It was a well recieved promotion and we now welcome 100+ new followers to our Newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading the eBook edition. Copies are now available to download by anyone, see the story below for more details.

May 2018 be a year of much ‘meeting‘ for us all.

Robert Sams

You can read the full Newsletter HERE.

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