Gab & Rob Talking Risk – Humble Enquiry

Gab & Rob are often asked to share more about how they go about things when supporting people and organisations to deal with risk. People ask for practical tips and ideas for how they can become better communicators in risk and safety.

In this series of ‘Gab & Rob Talking Risk’, the guys take us through an approach they term ‘Humble Enquiry’ (taken from the book of the same title written by Edgar Shein, which the guys talk about in the video). This is just one of the ways Gab and Rob go about learning whether someone understands the risks associated with the task they are performing.

In risk and safety, there are plenty of tools and methods where we check, assess, audit and inspect for safety, the ‘Humble Enquiry’ is an alternative to these approaches and can be used in tandem. A ‘Humble Enquiry’ is focused on listening to and understanding others. It is not about ‘fixing’ people or feeling the need to solve others problems, just being there for them and helping them to work through things.

One of the keys to effectively discerning risk is to listen for risk iCues™ which is a termed developed by Dr Robert Long from Human Dymensions. Gab & Rob share some of the iCues™ in this video.

The guys would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and experiences too so please share your comments and share the video as you like.

You can learn more about Gab & Rob by checking out their websites:

Gab is the Director of Resilience –

Rob is the Director of Dolphyn –

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