The Mystery and Paradox of Being an Individual in a Social World

I had the privilege today to meet up with a friend, one who I’ve known for a while, yet up until today we’d not had the opportunity to meet in person, so we both made the time and effort to catch up. We shared in a wholesome conversation, one where we wrestled with the tension […]

Social Sensemaking – Auckland Workshop – 14 May 2018

So What is Social Sensemaking? As author Rob Sams notes, the book and the idea itself of ‘sensemaking’, was born from a search for a more humanistic approach and methodology to supporting people to deal with risk. That is because to make sense of risk, we need to commune and converse with others; that is, […]

Human Being and Becoming

I’m enjoying reading David G. Benner’s Human Being and Becoming ( at the moment; I’m on my third read. Here are some quotes from the read on my flight home this afternoon: “Ultimately, we need a meaning that will be strong enough to make suffering sufferable… But for meaning to be useful, it has to help […]

In This Together

The Importance of Social Identity in Health – Including Dealing with Pain We know that humans are social beings. That is, we long for, and need connection with others. It is at the very heart of what it means to our being as a human. We know also that on the flip side of this is […]

Introducing Hayden Collins

An Addition to our Community in Practice This month we introduce one of our Community in Practice, Hayden Collins. Hayden Collins is a specialist in risk, human judgement and decision making, organisational culture, leadership, communication and learning. Hayden provides training, advice, coaching and mentoring for leaders, managers, supervisors and workers. Hayden is able to help organisations apply […]

Pilot Program with BlueScope

Social Sensemaking Program The team at Dolphyn continue our work with BlueScope, piloting our Social Sensemaking program across sites in NSW and QLD. We start with the MiProfile Survey (developed by Dr Rob Long, see – which helps us better understand how sites or the organisation as a whole, think collectively and unconsciously. Rob Sams, […]