Conversation Corner

It’s amazing how good conversations can be when you don’t have an agenda. When your goal is simply to get to ‘know’ people you can learn a lot. If you want to really understand what happens in your organisation, Conversation Corner could be the go! Happy to have a chat about how we went about […]

Measuring does things to people

For a while now the the risk and safety industry has pushed for a move from lag indicators to positive indicators, but does this really make a difference? Here are some thoughts on what measuring does to people and organisations. Love to hear your thoughts.

Gab & Rob Talking Risk – Humble Enquiry

Gab & Rob are often asked to share more about how they go about things when supporting people and organisations to deal with risk. People ask for practical tips and ideas for how they can become better communicators in risk and safety. In this series of ‘Gab & Rob Talking Risk’, the guys take us […]

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I’m biased, but that’s ok!

In my latest Blog, I talk about just some of the biases at play when we make decisions and judgments about risk. There are over 250 biases that can impact on the decisions we make, all of which work in the non-conscious part of our brain which means that we aren’t even aware of them. […]

Some Basics on How we Make Decisions

In the second of our ‘Gab & Rob Talk Risk’ video series, Gab and I explore some of the basics of how people make decisions. We talk about rational, a-rational and irrational. When we better understand how people make decisions and judgments, we are better able to support people in discerning risk. If we do […]

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Risk & Safety Thinking Groups

In this article I share some ideas and experiences on how you can go about developing or being part of a supportive community. Specifically, I provide thoughts on the ‘Thinking Groups’ we have set up and how they work. If you have any questions about how these work, or would like to join one, please […]