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I’m biased, but that’s ok!

In my latest Blog, I talk about just some of the biases at play when we make decisions and judgments about risk. There are over 250 biases that can impact on the decisions we make, all of which work in the non-conscious part of our brain which means that we aren’t even aware of them. […]

Some Basics on How we Make Decisions

In the second of our ‘Gab & Rob Talk Risk’ video series, Gab and I explore some of the basics of how people make decisions. We talk about rational, a-rational and irrational. When we better understand how people make decisions and judgments, we are better able to support people in discerning risk. If we do […]

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Risk & Safety Thinking Groups

In this article I share some ideas and experiences on how you can go about developing or being part of a supportive community. Specifically, I provide thoughts on the ‘Thinking Groups’ we have set up and how they work. If you have any questions about how these work, or would like to join one, please […]

Some Basics on Social Psychology and Risk

A short article which provides some basics on social psychology and risk.

It’s Knowing ‘Y’ That Matters

Dolphyn recently launched our new brand and website ( This involved a change not only to our name, but also the focus of what we do, which is supporting people and organisations to better understand and deal with risk. We do this by developing and implementing programs where participants learn how people make decisions and […]

Fiji Kids - win a week in paradise

Fiji Kids Annual Fundraiser – 11 October 2014

Fiji Kids – Learning for Life Dolphyn is proud to be associated with Julie and the team at Fiji Kids. Saturday 11 October marks the date for the Fiji Kids annual fundraising trivia evening. All proceeds go toward supporting kids in Fiji who would not otherwise be provided with an education which can change their […]